Makemake A.I is a dynamic, multifaceted artificial intelligence research and development firm. We’re committed to realizing intelligent agents, virtual or otherwise, and their transcendent relationship with humanity.



A.I. & Machine Learning

From developing neural networks or autonomous problem solving machines for APEC’s Micromouse competition, to our “Microcontrollers in the Classroom” advocacy for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, A.I. makes a unique and beneficial imprint on every facet of our brand.

Digital Media & Communication

Forge your identity, convey the nature of your brand, launch intuitive websites, deploy ubiquitous web apps, broadcast streaming radio or television channels, issue strategic campaigns which engage targeted audiences, and optimize performance.

Advanced Manufacturing

A consistent upward trending rate of technology adoption, and ability to leverage that technology to remain competitive, is at the core of our advanced manufacturing methodologies in Computer Aided: Design (CAD), Machining (CAM), and Engineering (CAE).



Initiate a conversation wherein our expertise may contribute to your success.


Johnson / Weld 2016

Liberty Unleashed

Gary Johnson launched his campaign with an enthusiastic support base, and impressive 3rd-party brand salience, which flourished into a thriving viral fandom. We are proud to be recognized by Gary Johnson for our role in his achievements:

1.5 million Opt-in emails collected

$10+ million Online donations

50+ million Video views

400% online ROI

39 states Freshly gleaned ballot access

Makemake A.I. adorned Johnson's NationBuilder website…

Makemake A.I. adorned the Gary Johnson campaign's NationBuilder website with creative media production and technical insight, developed and managed a media distribution chain on popular social networking platforms, and branded a nationally-recognized “Money Comet” that gave rise to Johnson’s history-making 2016 campaign for President of the United States.